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We welcome all, but specialize in some

Each industry has its challenges and opportunities in loyalty marketing. We rise to the challenge and take advantage of opportunities. For example, we can set up beacon technology to eliminate any operational friction. For CPG rewards programs, customers can take a photo of their receipt to track their purchase. Unique rewards are used for B2B programs. Let us show you how to put together a winning loyalty program for your industry.


The most popular industry for consumer loyalty marketing programs. Identify your best customers and keep them loyal. Encourage more frequency, higher average sales, and cross-selling. Reward customers for their behavior.

Loyalty Leaders works with your current POS system, email marketing provider, and CRM system. We employ unique strategies to ensure your customers and store employees have a "friction free" experience. Keep customers coming back with motivating rewards, relevant communications and employees empowered with useful reports and contact lists.


The Consumer Package Goods industry has historically been at a disadvantage. Because there is usually a retail middleman, CPG companies have struggled to understand customer demographics and communicate directly to their customers.

Loyalty Leaders breaks down that barrier by understanding your unique situation and developing a solution. That may be placing a code that is only revealed after purchase or using our proprietary receipt photo solution. Whatever makes sense for your business will make work for your program.


Restaurants struggle to identify their customers and provide meaningful communications and rewards to keep them coming back and increasing their average check. Plug and play loyalty platforms are great for smaller restaurants, but a larger chain requires a custom solution.

Loyalty Leaders can work with you to develop or revamp a rewards program that makes the most sense for your business. Our strategy session will guide you and our system will work seamlessly within your current infrastructure. And we understand that a solution that burdens the servers, counter employees, or customers is a show stopper!


B2B customers are people too! Even if there aren't as many, they are more valuable and customer retention is often an issue. Identifying the right people within the organization and figuring out how to communicate with and reward them is a challenge.

With Loyalty Leaders, we work with you to develop a simple and effective program. Rewards can be physical gifts, credits, discounts, special content, exclusive access or anything else you can dream up. We work with you to create a program that is unique in your industry and moves the needle on customer retention.


Online businesses are arguably the easiest industry for us to develop a loyalty program. Customer tracking and transactions are already digital, available, and easily tracked. However, the loyalty program strategy may not be what you think.

Online applications need to consider their current customer value and the incremental value of offering rewards. Their needs to be a strong and fair value exchange for the program to work. Loyalty Leaders takes you through a strategic exercise to determine the best path. Then we turn you loose of help you develop a killer program!


High frequency, low margins, and unidentified customers are the standard for this industry. Who are your best customers and how do you motivate the "cherry pickers" to fill their carts? Maybe a loyalty program can help.

Loyalty Leaders can implement all types of programs that work with your technology and system infrastructure as well as your business situation. If you don't want to interrupt the flow at checkout, have the customer snap a picture of their receipt and text it in to receive their points. Our system provides the flexibility to create a program that works for you and your customers.


Rewards programs are the norm for this industry. But there are plenty of ways to motivate your guests. To truly stand out, you might want to look beyond a traditional points-based rewards program and add in a "surprise and delight" strategy, partnerships, or gamification elements.

Loyalty Leaders will help you analyze your data and gather insights from customers and prospects, which will help shape the optimal program. Then we can help design and develop the program that "puts heads in beds".


Our first client was a group of 25 golf courses. There we developed a rewards program that motivated thousands of rounds per year through communications, offers, and motivating rewards.

Your customers have so many choices now, from traditional competitors, to new ways for consumers to entertain themselves. Being able to communicate directly with customers and provide relevant offers is key to driving incremental business. We can implement a unique rewards program that is simple to implement and requires little-to-no effort in the field.


Casinos are unique. In what other industry can you have your entertainment and walk out with more money than you walked in with? For almost 20 years we have been working with properties throughout the country. We have developed rewards programs, predictive and response models, created lead generation programs, managed email and direct marketing programs, and analyzed defection, risk, and profitability. We understand actual vs. theoretical, cumulative vs. ADT, self–eviction, and all of the issues that challenge casino marketers.

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