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A very quick overview of how we have helped our clients by using loyalty marketing programs


Business Issue: Customers were buying from one brand/division, but not cross-purchasing complementary items from sister brands.

Solution: Developed a points-based rewards program to encourage cross-shopping as well as incremental visits to the current brand.

Outcome: First year incremental sales are up 13%. Tracked and measured cross-selling has jumped from 15% to 26% and continues to rise.

National Retailer - Building Incremental Purchases and Cross-sell


Business Issue: Hundreds of disparate hotels losing bookings due to large chain rewards programs.

Solution: Create a consolidated "surprise and delight" strategy benefits program to provide immediate gratification for guests.

Outcome: Enrolled over one million members and increased bookings at participating hotels by targeting members based on their desires.

International Hospitality - Surprising and Delighting Guests


Business Issue: Increase sales for specific high-margin and preferred-vendor products.

Solution: Developed a limited-time rewards program offering bonus points for ordering specified products. Limited exposure and cost by using sweepstakes-based rewards.

Outcome: Over 80% of customers registered. By far the most for any program ever offered. Increased incremental sales across the board for qualifying products. Executives declared it their best program ever.

B2B Loyalty - Driving Sales for Branded Products

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